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As my practice has developed over the last few years I have become committed to collaboration as a method of researching, both with other artists, thinkers, organisations and with materials themselves. Collaboration generates space for multiple perspectives and values shared knowledges, activating new, surprising, and unforeseen creative outcomes to be realised.

Many of the collaborations I have been involved with to date attend to ways of knowing through entanglements with matter and give rise to challenging human exceptionalism and the effects of what some have coined the anthropocene. As a researcher I am materially supported by Binn Group, one of Scotland’s largest waste resource companies. 

‘The very nature of materiality is an entanglement. Matter itself is always already open to, or rather entangled with, the ‘Other’. The interactively emergent ‘parts’ of phemenomena are coconstituted. Not only subjects but also objects are permeated through and through with their entangled kin; the other is not just in one’s skin, but in one’s bones, in one’s belly, in one’s heart, in one’s nucleus, in one’s past and future.’

Karen Barad

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