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Make a Wish 2023. 

String and porcelain.

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Level 5, Matthew Building.

Structure of Outcomes / Make a Wish, pays homage to the Dundee-born founder of the Brittle Bone Society, Margaret Grant OBE. Each of the 87 wishbones represents a year of her life during which time she impacted hugely on the lives of those with the condition of Osteogenesis Imperfecta which she was born with. It explores the weaving together of metaphor, philosophy, and anthropology as integral to my research methods and creative practice. The evolution of the sculpture embraces the notion that materials are both emerging and vibrant and always open to transformation through both time and the site in which they are placed.

This work was first exhibited as a tower constructed from porcelain wishbones as a response to the archives at the University of Dundee for the exhibition Tales of the Unexpected at the Lamb Gallery, 2022. For DJCAD Research EXPO 2023 the work is reconfigured as a suspended sculpture to fit the specific architectural structure of Matthew Gallery South.

Susie Johnston and Yvonne Grant, daughter of Margaret Grant. 

Image courtesy Sarah Smart. 

Susie Johnston, Structure of Outcomes, Make a Wish, porcelain, twine, 2023